Real Life DUI Prosecutions

DUI: Alcohol is also a drug


Drug and substance addiction is not a new thing in the society we live in today. The state has developed regulations to ensure that those who use are intoxicated with the drugs do not affect the lives of other citizens. Many people who take alcoholic drinks do not want to believe that it is a drug and it can be as harmful as any other hard or soft drug. There are police officers who are keen on catching people who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol in public. This article has some highlights on what to expect when you are caught when driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Many are the times when we tend to drive home after a long party with friends. You may not be aware but there is a police officer manning the roads and surprisingly he will pick you out as you will not have control of your car and your will be crossing the lanes severally. This will lead to an arrest after which you will be subjected to a test to confirm your sobriety. The Breathalyzer is the common test that you will get on the roads. After passing this test, you will be subjected to other physical tests just to confirm you are alright. You will go through the one leg stand test after which you will do the blood sampling for other drugs tests.

When caught driving under the influence, you can get a plea deal with the court system. This will however require you to plead guilty of the charges filed against you. In the plea deal settlement, it is likely that you are going to get one year of unsupervised probation, you driving license will be limited to several driving privileges like driving in emergency cases only, and you are also likely to get a 30 day suspension sentence and not less than 24 hours of service to your immediate community. If the case is serious, you might consider leaving your public duty. In most cases your employer will instruct the human resource officer on what to do with you. You need to be updated on your rights and privileges at such times as this would mean losing your livelihood.

Some instances of driving under influence cause serious road accidents. In most reported cases, the driver knocks down pedestrians or crashes on other cars causing serious injuries and at times leading to fatalities. If it is identified that you are on the wrong, you will be arrested for the felony of man slaughter and the suspicion of felony driving under influence (DUI). There are numerous tests that will be carried out to identify the substances present in your blood system at the time of the accident. The toxicology tests will identify all medication drugs you are taking and any other drugs. This tests are important as they ensure that you are not accused falsely.

When you get in a situation where you are accused of driving under influence, you need to first call your resident lawyer. This will ensure that you get all answers right as this will be your ticket to freedom. Your DUI lawyer will have an easy time handling your case from that point. It is however advisable to be responsible at all times.