Who We Are

We have been in the business for 20 years long enough to know the mechanisms of justice and what makes a good lawyer-and-client relationship. We take pride of our victories, specifically in cases which involve DUI. Our lawyers and staff—all the 25 of us—will assist you on how to defend your DUI charges in court and what legal actions you need to take.

What We Do

We are with you throughout the process to make sure all legal paperwork is being taken care of. Our specialization in DUI cases makes us the most recommended firm in Anaheim for those who are involve in such incidences. Whether you are a first-time offender or a victim, we will take you under our wings and represent you in court. We can help you get dismissed for your DUI charges, lower the offense or obtain benefits from the claim in case you are a victim. We provide lawyers who have the best educational backgrounds and professional qualifications to make sure you have a winning streak.

We understand that your life may be put at risk by DUI charges; hence we do our best to cover all possible grounds for such offense. On the basic level, we relate to you as fellow citizens concerned with one another, all while ensuring professionalism and work ethics remain in the picture.

How Our Defenses Work

Most lawyers specializing in DUI will not tell you how exactly they are going to represent your case in court for fear of competition. Confident that we can manage to bring victories left and right, we can share you some of the popular defenses that are commonly used in court.

  1. Rising blood alcohol – Lawyers use this defense when the blood alcohol level of the individual accused was actually below the limit set by the state. If the lawyer can prove that his client was not impaired or under the influence at the time of driving, the individual cannot be found guilty.
  2. Breath Test Variability – In this defense, lawyers can argue that the device used to record alcohol content of the accused is unreliable or that it has no merit at the time of the arrest.
  3. Medical-Related Defenses – These defenses include the accused having Gastric Reflux Disease, Periodontal disease or diabetes.

Our court representations may seem trivial on the onset, but know that such defenses involve a series of complicated proceedings—none of which our lawyers are not familiar with.

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