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The Penalties and Consequences
for DUI Offenders

Is there a time when you drive home from a party drunk but still arrived in one piece? Beware because you may not risk getting into trouble when you do it ever again. We often say “It’s okay. I won’t get caught”, knowing full well that there are implications in drunk driving but refuse to take heed of advice. We take advantage of the fact that there are only occasional checkpoints to pass through and believing that we can get away with driving under the influence of alcohol anytime. However, the zero tolerance being implemented by many jurisdictions in California—particularly in Anaheim—would mean that the days of drunk driving are over and you are not excused from its consequences.

A DUI check point in Anaheim, CA.

Driving under the influence or simply DUI is a criminal offense wherein the driver of a motor vehicle gets behind the wheel despite the fact that he is drunk. In some states, it is known as “driving while intoxicated” (DWI) and comprises the same penalties applicable to the former. The said act is punishable by law due to its nature of posing as a threat to the lives of co-passengers and other drivers, as well as the properties on and off the road. There is a limit set for blood alcohol level which is detected on-the-spot when the driver has been halted by the police. If you didn’t pass the sobriety test which assesses your motor skills, you might be brought to the station and charge with an offense.

DUI cases are often penalized with a number of punishments which include the following:

  • Jail Time – For first-time offenders, the offense is classified as misdemeanor. It is punishable by no less than 6 months in jail. If you have acquired the services of a DUI lawyer Anaheim based, the jail time can be lowered depending on the merit of the defense.
  • Fine – Many states impose a sum of money in addition to the minimum jail time requirement. The fine could go anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Again, this can be negotiated by your attorney in court.
  • License Suspension – DUI—in some states, it is known as “driving while intoxicated” (DWI)—often causes one to have his license suspended for up to three years. Your lawyer must be able to lower the suspension time especially if you are concerned about driving for work. You should not resist the request of the police to take blood, breath and urine tests as this can result to license suspension regardless of your innocence.
  • Installation of Ignition Lock – This device ensures that offenders are kept from drunk driving by estimating the BAC level of the driver. If the driver is sober and his breath didn’t reach 0.04%, the ignition will kick in. It is another sanction that can be reduced to a lesser punishment through the defense of an attorney.
  • Car Impounding – In cases of repeat offenders, the driver may temporary lose possession of his car. This is particularly in effect in the state of California
  • Community Service – It is a beneficial way of penalizing offenders. The judge may recommend this for first-timers or in exchange for jail time as appealed by the offender’s lawyer.

All these penalties have their corresponding repercussions such as negative background checks and high insurance premiums.

Anaheim DUI Laywers


If you find yourself trapped in a DUI case, it is highly recommended that you contact a DUI lawyer Anaheim based immediately to assist you throughout the legal proceedings.

We are here to provide clients residing in Anaheim with legal assistance that will ensure your victory over the charges or at least reduce the level of your punishments.

We have been specializing in this area of defense long enough to guarantee your win against the odds.